Why Greece? Why a House There?

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These days we lead stressful and tense lives. We are often nervously going out of our comfort zones. We are coping with problems of any kind. We have trouble and we have million things to do. Our jobs are challenging and our duties too many. We are travelling to work and we are travelling back, spending more time in the car or in the tube and almost no time relaxing and chilling. We are exhausted so often. We are tired by this everydayness that is supposed to give us better lifestyle and gives us only sleepless nights. But nothing is life is so one-sidedly negative. The coins have two sides. And after a long day you can spend some time cuddles with your beloved one, watching a new movie and drinking red wine. After a long week you can go to a SPA place out of town, where you can get massages and brunches and to sleep till noon. And luckily after a long month full of challenges, interviews and presentations, you can go to that place, where nothing more than endless beaches, sunshine and salty seas matters. After long month you can go to Greece. And if you have a house there, you can visit this heaven as often as you wish to. And this is priceless. But why Greece, you may be wondering.

Not too far away

You need a break. You need to relax and to chill out. Therefore you don’t need a house somewhere too far away, simply because those 10 hours that will take you to go there, will be too exhausting and the jetlag won’t let you enjoy your stay. And Greece is only a three-hour flight away. It is in the heart of Europe. Your villa there will be so close that you will love it.



Not too expensive

Right now is the perfect moment for buying a house in Greece, on Halkidiki. Firstly, because of the economic crisis the prices of the properties are really reasonable. And if you are considering buying it now, out of season, then it would be even better. But not only this, but the maintenance of the house won’t be expensive, as well. The prices of the plane tickets are completely reasonable, too.

The spirit of the country

Greece is charming. The people you will meet there are ancestors of ancient culture. They are wise and calm. The everydayness does not bother him, because they know perfectly well, which are the real values in life and world. You will meet people, who will teach you to live better, to appreciate the little things. You will try cuisine that is absolutely wonderful. You will try different dishes that are unique and full of tastes. You will be inspired and impressed. Because Greece has nothing in common with any other place. It is so different and so perfect, that once you have a house there, you will want to spend more and more time there.

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